Ads and Partnerships is a blog created with the purpose of sharing knowledge in programming and technology through written tutorials, tips and video lessons. For almost two years on the air, visits only increase and today they are over 11,000 / month.

The site now has an area for announcements from partners who are interested in exchanging links.

How it works?

You who have a website or blog focused on the technology area request a partnership and will have your banner released for free on

In return you will have to repay and advertise a banner on your website or blog.


To request the partnership, just send an email to with the link to your website for content analysis. After approval you must send the banner art in jpg, png or gif in the dimensions 120 x 125 pixels. As soon as possible, your banner will be in our sidebar.

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Holds a university degree in Information Systems, a postgraduate degree in Database Systems and a master's degree in Education with a focus on Sociocommunity Technologies. He works as a professor of technical and technological education at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo, teaching subjects in the areas of programming, database, project development and software engineering.

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