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The git is great “face” in fashion now days when it comes to version control. This tool, created by Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux too), is based on the philosophy of distributed system, focused on speed. With this, each working directory of git , becomes a repository with complete history of the codes and their revisions (perhaps this is its great advantage over the decaying SVN).

To host git versioned projects , the most famous and used is GitHub ( ). Several open source projects are available on GitHub and anyone can clone and use them. The registration on GitHub is free, but in the free account , your personal projects are public, that is, anyone can follow and use their codes. If you’re looking to create private repositories, you’ll have to shell out a few dollars a month.

But don’t worry, as there is a good alternative called BitBucket ( ). BitBucket is also free and allows you to create both public and private repositories .

It is also possible to create / manage development teams. Thus, you define who can have access to the project codes.

If you are still a fan of SVN don’t worry because BitBucket also supports it.

Create your account and good projects now!

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