[CodeIgniter 4 video lesson] – Models – Creating a CRUD (Consult / List)

Hail guys !!!

In this class of the CodeIgniter 4 series , I continue the subject related to “ models ” and increase the CRUD that I started to develop in the previous video. I show you how to retrieve all data from a database table using a method of our “model” class. These fetched data are returned to a controller and later passed on to be displayed in a “ view ” (via an HTML table).

So, now the CRUD of our project already has the form for registering new records and has a “view” to display all the records that are registered in the table. To “link” the two pages I used the “url” helper (and also showed how to import a helper into a controller).

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[CodeIgniter 4 video lesson] – Creating a VirtualHost for our CI4 project

Hello people.

In this class I show you how to create a VirtualHost in WAMP ( Apache ) and point this host to the root (“public” folder) of our project in CodeIgniter 4 . (WAMP was the tool of choice because it is the tool I am using in class. Below are links that show how to create virtual hosts in the most popular tools;).

In addition to creating the host, I also show how to enable “rewrite_mod” in Apache, to enable the use of URL rewriting (Friendly URLs). That way, we can remove the “index.php” from the URL, for example, making it more “lean”.

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[CodeIgniter 4 video lesson] – Views (Part 2) – Template Structure

Hello dear readers,

Continuing with the series of classes on CodeIgniter 4 , in today’s video I go deeper into the concept of Views and show you how to easily create a template structure within CI4.

With this structure, just create the template areas (header, menu, footer, etc.) in separate Views and then include them within the other Views . This feature makes development faster and more organized and avoids code rewriting.

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