[CodeIgniter 4 video lesson] – Creating a VirtualHost for our CI4 project

Hello people.

In this class I show you how to create a VirtualHost in WAMP ( Apache ) and point this host to the root (“public” folder) of our project in CodeIgniter 4 . (WAMP was the tool of choice because it is the tool I am using in class. Below are links that show how to create virtual hosts in the most popular tools;).

In addition to creating the host, I also show how to enable “rewrite_mod” in Apache, to enable the use of URL rewriting (Friendly URLs). That way, we can remove the “index.php” from the URL, for example, making it more “lean”.

Before creating the host + enabling rewrite our URL to access the “products” area was: localhost / ci4pp / index.php / products

Now it’s like this: ci4app.local / products

Much better, don’t you think ???

Link to the video lesson:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n2VIHEAIFg&utm_source=rafaelwendel

I hope you enjoy the video lesson and any questions can leave a comment.

Hugs !!!

Links for creating VirtualHosts on other platforms:

– Creating Virtual Host on Apache for Windows ( https://medium.com/@dyorg/criando-virtual-host-no-apache-para-windows-ee601750a217 )

– Create a Virtual Host using XAMPP on Windows ( https://blog.mxcursos.com/criar-virtual-host-com-xampp/ )

– How to configure Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 16.04 ( https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/como-configurar-apache-virtual-hosts-no-ubuntu-16-04-en )

– How to use friendly URLs on the apache server ( http://www.rafaelwendel.com/2011/08/como-usar-url-amigaveis-no-servidor-apache/ )

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