DataValidator: contains() method

In the last post I presented to you a class for data validation that I implemented and made available through my link on GitHub for the whole php community to be able to use, guess and why not contribute.

Well then. From this post and in future posts I will address some of the validation methods that I think are important and that it is interesting to emphasize the techniques for a better use of them.

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DataValidator – php class to validate data

Whenever I was involved in a php project, I felt that something that was really efficient to do any kind of data validation was missing Something that was effectively tested and approved and that allowed me to reuse code and mainly, that was adaptable to any type of system.

It was with this in mind that I took the free hours of last December to implement a data validation class (which I called DataValidator ). And to help the development community around the world, I’m making it available on GitHub ( ).

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Detect faces in images using jquery and facedetection

Hello people. All right with you?

In today’s post I teach you a really cool technique to do face recognition in images using jquery and the facedetection plugin . For the dinosaurs that used orkut, they know what I’m talking about. The social network provided (I don’t know if it still does) in users’ photos the possibility of marking the people photographed according to facial recognition.

Good. So come on. Hands on!To begin, let’s organize our file and directory structure as follows:

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Zoom images with JQzoom

Today I am going to show you how to implement an image zoom mechanism using JQuery with the JQzoom plugin . This technique consists of hovering the mouse over a certain area of ​​the image and an instant zoom of the selection appears beside it . This is widely used in e-commerce sites , as it is possible to check every detail of a product.

Before starting, it is important that we download the plugin files and organize our files and directories.To download the plugin and its files, click here . Unzip the files.

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PHP function to find out the size of a file

Hello people! A few weeks ago I was developing a system where the client requested that in addition to its institutional website it also had a restricted area where he could make digital documents available to his clients. In short, each customer would have a virtual space with documents and other important files and access everything with their username / password.

Well then. When the system is accessed, all files that are available to the user are listed for that user. And this list shows the name of the document, its format, the date of submission, a brief description of what it is about and the size of the file since, obviously, the customer has the option to download it.

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